What do you get for your moolah?

Before you start reading, I would like to identify myself as the originator and chief-in-charge of this business. This way, you know who to blame if you don't think you're getting a good deal: My name is Paul Meyer, I'm a civil engineer by profession and you can contact me personally on 082 557 7500.

Why you should be on Assist247

Most people have realised that more and more companies need to have a strong Internet presence to stay competitive. But by now you're tired of directories pestering you to list with them, whether it be in print, on the Internet, via cell phone SMS or whatever!

And who can blame you, it's all just so much hot air, isn't it? You're never going to find out how many people actually looked at your company's info, are you?

But den on de udder hand (sorry Naas!) you also need to tell people about your business, or hang around for a couple of years until word-of-mouth sends enough people through the doors - and maybe even go bankrupt in the process!

If you are still reading, you should know by now that you're not dealing with another directory. For that you have to go somewhere else.

Assist247 are pioneers of the Matrix Marketing concept, and sure we need to make a profit, but we'll only be happy to take your moolah if we really believe we're helping you!


From as little as R250 per month we will give you really valuable exposure.
We specialise in the Motor and Home Assistance industry, simply because we know the demands of that industry very well, as we have 15 years of experience providing information to Assistance Companies and Call Centres. In other words, apart from actively marketing your business information on the Internet for everyone to find, we will also actively market the information to one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa (and the world)!

We hate treating people like mushrooms (that means keeping you in the dark and feeding you BS, for those not familiar with the expression). So, not only will we publish the number of visits to the 30 most popular categories every month, but we will also allow you to log into your own records and see for yourself exactly who looked at your company details and when they did so! Unfortunately we can't give you the registered names of the viewers, but we can give you their IP addresses, which is like the ID number of their computer, and almost as good as a name they tell me.

All of our advertising spend goes to promoting your details with the Internet Search Engines (mainly Google), because we want to promote your business to the people out there looking for your services!

Then finally, we're always adding benefits and features to provide more value to you, and also keep viewers interested - just have a look at the valuable accreditation process for Service Providers, the mini websites for advertisers, the really useful Assist247 Club, the free Classifieds advertising service, the Reader's Forum, the unique 40 Flat Assistance Service, and last but not least,


I ask you with tears in my muddy brown eyes – does anyone else come close?
R250 a month? If you can't manage that your doors are probably closed already!

So call us on 0861 24INFO now or complete the on-line Application Form and we'll call you, and if you're not happy about the service contact me personally and complain like hell - I hate that enough to really do something about it!

Paul Meyer.