What does Assist247's Matrix of South African Businesses Offer?

Try the Assist247 Business listings search system The South African business matrix Assist247, is Southern Africa's only one-stop source of approved car and home service providers and includes wholesale distributors of car accessories, association members, authorised dealers and many others.

Our strict approval process means you have the peace of mind of dealing with top quality companies. The service is acclaimed and supported by leading insurance companies, emergency service providers and major industry organisations.

The Assist247 business matrix gives you quick and easy access to all the information you need regarding service providers - including areas covered, approval status across company and industry bodies, services rendered, as well as rates and contact information.

How to be approved for Assist247's South African Business Matrix

How to be approved for Assist247's South African Business Directory If your company has been accredited by one of the major manufacturers, insurance companies or franchise chains, or you are a member in good standing of an accepted trade association, then you already qualify for the listings of home or car services under the approval section.

Should you however want to apply for Assist247 accreditation, thereby qualifying for the Assist247 Seal of Approval, you will have to complete the evaluation form in the "Register your company" section.

Assist247's approval rating is based on a special programme developed by Risk Evaluation Services (Pty) Ltd, who specialise in evaluating service providers on behalf of emergency assistance companies.

The strict approval process ensures that Assist247 represents only quality service providers, all of which are reviewed at regular intervals to ensure information remains current and up to date. As valuable as the "approved" rating is, it is carried out absolutely free of charge, solely for the benefit of prospective customers.

Assist247 Mission Statement

Assist247 aims to become the most respected Online Source of quality information regarding capable and responsible Service Providers in all sectors of the economy throughout Southern Africa, by encouraging Providers to subscribe to our Accreditation Process as well as by linking their services to their various Approval Groups and Trade Associations.
In doing this we aim to apply the Matrix Marketing Principle to market the services of our Service Providers most efficiently, while keeping in mind that our objectiveness and fairness is not for sale, and by taking appropriate action where and when required for the benefit and peace of mind of private and corporate users alike.