Boost your Profile Page with Google +1

Assist247 has always been about gaining the best results and most exposure possible for our service providers. Our latest move towards a better visitor and service provider experience is the inclusion of the Google +1 button on each service provider profile on the website.

What is Google +1 I hear you ask, and how is it going to benefit my listing? Continue reading...

Publically recommend on Google

What is Google +1?

Google +1 was recently introduced by Google with the hope of improving user experience and giving searchers the ability to see which pages their friends, family and other contacts have “+1’d”, “liked” or voted for in the past. Google +1 aims to make search results more personalised and customised to each individual user.

How does it Work?

If you or a friend has +1’d a page, then that recommendation will be shown to all your Google contacts’ search results for searches related to that page, indicating that the page has been +1’d by you or your friend. By doing this, if you +1 your own service provider page on the Assist247 website, then every time one of your contacts searches for a service within your industry, your profile will be shown for searches related to your business to friends or contacts noting that you have +1’d your page and therefore feel that it’s a worthy page to visit.

How Does this Benefit You as a Service Provider on Assist247?

First of all, Google +1 can help you appear in the results pages of friends and contacts of EVERYONE who has ever +1’d your profile. When people see that their friends have voted for a particular service, they are then far more likely to take advantage of that service, or at least click on the search result to find out more. This results in exposure to far more potential clients and increased traffic volumes to your profile page on the Assist247 website.

Secondly, as with any voting system, the more votes you get the better! Not only will your page appear for far more searches, but when people see that you have been +1’d numerous times they can only assume that you are a worthy service provider who is better than your neighbour who has zero +1’s.

What are you Waiting for?

The Google +1 button has already been added to your service provider page. Be sure to visit your profile on the website and +1 yourself as soon as you can. Why stop there? Invite all your friends, family and business contacts to do the same! The more +1’s you get, the more searches you show up for, the more traffic you get to your service provider page.