CLUB 247 (serious assistance)

40 Flat Assistance Most people are covered by some sort of roadside and home assistance product via their insurance company, loyalty group, rewards programme, vehicle manufacturer and/or medical aid, but they all have so many hidden conditions and fine print agreements that you really don’t have any idea what you’re covered for! In other words all much of a muchness, but not really addressing the problem of inferior service delivery . . .

Know the feeling?

Club 247 (serious assistance) is for the individual and/or family person that just isn’t satisfied with the normal run of the mill roadside/home assistance service, and that wants to be sure everything possible is being done to ensure first class assistance!

It includes all the usual benefits associated with Advanced Roadside & Home Assistance, plus:

  • Wherever possible the vehicle will always be transported with a rollback by a Service Provider officially accredited by Club 247 (so really looking after your vehicle!)
  • If the vehicle needs to be stored it will always be under cover (still looking after your vehicle!).
  • If the tow vehicle is not suitable for passenger transport a taxi will be arranged and paid for by Club 247 in urban and peri-urban areas (also looking after you and your passengers!).
  • The vehicle will always be taken to the closest agent, Club 247 accredited repair centre, or to the Member’s preferred repair facility (the vehicle again – after all it represents a serious investment!).
  • In the event that the vehicle has been damaged in an accident, the vehicle will be taken to the facility preferred by the member’s insurance company, or preferred by the vehicle manufacturer, or to the a facility officially accredited by Club 247, or to a facility preferred by the Member (avoiding those blokes you see on Carte Blanche all the time!).
  • Service Providers will be offered cash incentives to respond within 30 minutes, making Club 247 Service Providers not only the best qualified but also the highest paid in the industry (your safety is the most important factor in offering this incentive, and nobody else does it!).
  • Service Providers that are given a 5 star service rating by Club 247 members will be further rewarded to ensure top quality assistance (again placing service first – know of anybody else that comes close?).
  • Overnight accommodation and/or car rental limit will be R1000 per incident instead of the normal R500 (definitely upmarket don’t you think?).
  • Standard Membership covers Principle Member for any vehicle and also includes 2 Specified Vehicles for any driver (just to make sure your family is also looked after PROPERLY!).
  • Please contact us for more information!