Challenge Assist247's New Search Engine Matrix

Assist247 has taken every possible measure to make this business matrix as user friendly and easy to navigate as technologically possible, and to provide specialised, valuable information that cannot be obtained from any other source.

The map searching facility has a specifically designed business search engine to help the user place the required Service Provider in recognised territory, without providing an overload of information that slows down the process.

The South African businesses included on the site have been carefully researched and are displayed as comprehensively and informatively as possible, to assist the user in a meaningful manner.

We believe that no other website specialises in providing the same information, especially not as a one-stop experience. At the same time we realise that no business search engine's system can ever be perfect, and that there is always room for improvement.

Assist247 would therefore like to challenge all website users to help us improve the site's search process wherever possible, and will at our own discretion substantially reward all positive contributions.

Referrals to reliable Service Providers are always appreciated, and if you would like us to evaluate and include a Service Provider(s) that you believe deserves to be included, we will do so and reward you for each one.

Finally, if you can find a website in South Africa that's faster and easier to obtain information from about Service Providers registered on this site (including telephonic information services and print directories), please let us know and we will investigate it further.

Challenge Assist247's Search Engine Matrix by evaluating our database of over 50 000 car and home services in South Africa.