Why use Assist247?

We all need a Service Provider from time to time. Blocked drain, faulty electrical circuit, car broken down, washing machine making a funny noise, and so forth - like it or not, life happens.

But who to use, and where to find them, that is often the question. Should we trust a friend’s recommendation? Or a Service Provider’s guarantee? Clearly the friend won’t guarantee the service and the Service Provider’s guarantee is only as good as the Service Provider himself, but how about if the guarantee came from a 25 year old nationally recognised brand like Assist247? If we are going to pay good money for the repairs, surely we deserve to get the best value and quality for our money, as well as a meaningful guarantee?

As we all know there are many online directories these days, however very few (if any) of them will accept any responsibility if their Service Providers aren’t up to scratch. Also some five star user ratings from a few mates on a free website don’t really mean much do they?

So why use Assist247? Simply because we have the expertise, the knowledge and the tools to connect you to the Service Provider you need and deserve. Not just listed on Assist247, but if so indicated on the website also GUARANTEED by Assist247!

NHBRC approved plumber? PSIRA registered security company? ECASA approved electrician? Maybe a RMI workshop or panel beater? Or even a NHBRC builder?

You'll easily find them all on Assist247, and you will even find Service Providers that we have accredited ourselves. Whose services we guarantee, up to R10000!

Why would we do that? It's simply called 'believing in your service'. And we really believe in ours.

It’s almost like having a Service Provider recommended by a friend, isn’t it? Except this friend will guarantee his recommendation!