Why List on Assist247?

Assist247 will link your business to potential clients in 8 uniquely different ways, and we’re constantly looking for new opportunities to help you connect!

Here is the latest addition to our list of features: You will notice that we have just added a Live Support function to the website, and the response has been overwhelming. We estimate that in the first month we will do almost 2000 referrals via Live Support alone!

All the other most important benefits are listed below – if you study them carefully you will understand why this is the website for you! Of course you are always welcome to also call or email us if you need more info, and you will find lot more information in the ‘More about Assist247’ section.

Main benefits and important features of an Assist247 listing:

  1. Our core business is linking Users and Service Providers through digital marketing and this will always be important to us, so because of this listing you will find your business details on 4 separate directories:,, and
  2. We are the only directory service to do comprehensive, professional accreditations of our listed Service Providers (ACE Ratings), and then guarantee their services to website users (Service Guarantee). These ACE Ratings are an optional extra and are separately debited, but the information is displayed with star ratings on the websites and also gets distributed to industry via the SANSPD (below).
  3. In addition we have a national agreement with TomTom to list your business on their maps for GPS and iPhone (amongst others), which will potentially expose your business to over 500 000 SA TomTom map users (optional).
  4. The new Whizzoh App (in which we are a partner) is set to take off with several large corporate groups as well as with private users, and you will be able to quote for Whizzoh enquiries in all of the areas and for all of the services you are listed for on Assist247 (
  5. Participation in the South African National Service Providers Database (SANSPD), which is distributed free of charge to the South African call centre, assistance, insurance and property maintenance industries.
  6. Social media has become one of the most important tools in marketing your business, and we can now manage your Facebook campaigns for you. Again you can decide on your own budget, just send us an email to and we will call you to discuss! Current Facebook options are as follows:

    a. R3000 per month (includes 4 posts per week + 4 x R100 post boosts + monthly reporting)
    b. R2000 per month (includes 2 posts per week + 2 x R100 post boosts + monthly reporting)
    c. R1000 per month (includes 1 post per week + 1 x R100 post boosts + monthly reporting)

    Ad campaigns for competitions/promotions/specials are additional at R500 for concept per campaign and reach according to Facebook is as follows:

    If campaign runs for 2 weeks - budget R150 - reach 240 to 1500
    If campaign runs for 2 weeks - budget R500 - reach 800 to 5000
    If campaign runs for 2 weeks - budget R1000 - reach 1800 to 11000
  7. Interested in and Adwords campaign? We can do this for you professionally and economically, just contact us to discuss!
  8. Live Support on the Assist247 and websites, helping users find the Service Providers they require via LiveChat (as mentioned above).

Other important features are:

You will be doing business with people that care more about your results than the money you pay us, who work for a company that has been involved in this line of business for 25 years.

Affordable options which you can adjust anytime you want, to suit your budget (or even cancel before the end of any month if you so prefer).

Good search exposure on Google and all the other major search engines.

Accurate reporting and access to stats, with the all BS removed.

Hopefully you’ll agree Assist247 is not just another directory, so please contact us anytime you have a problem or need more information.

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