The Assist247 Service and Workmanship Guarantee:

At Assist247 we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service to our Service Providers and Website Users, which is why we introduced the Accreditations (ACE Ratings) of selected categories of Service Providers a few years ago.

These ACE Ratings have proved to be really successful as a marketing tool to our Service Providers, giving them the opportunity to show Website Users how highly their business is rated (by Assist247). This provides peace of mind to Users indicating the results achieved in a truly independent, comprehensive and unique accreditation process, that is annually repeated by industry experts.

Because of the great response we've had to our ACE Ratings we have decided to improve our customer service even more, by adding a conditional Service and Workmanship Guarantee to our ACE Rated Service Providers. This is absolutely new and truly unique, and really provides great comfort to Website Users, who can now choose a Service Provider based on a guarantee issued by an established and respected National Directory like Assist247.

So how do you make use of the opportunity? If you're a Service Provider that believes in your own capabilities and service quality, simply contact us to subscribe to our accreditation process. If you're a Website User and plan to make use of one of our accredited Service Providers' services, then contact us in advance and advise us of the date and scope of work to be carried out, Service Provider to be used, and the vehicle details or property address. Your guarantee will then be automatically registered and confirmed by one of our operators.

Please note that Ts&Cs apply and can be viewed below.

How to use the Assist247 Service and Workmanship Guarantee

1) Select one of our ACE Rated Service Providers for a quote and arrange for the work to be done.

2) Use our contact form to register the guarantee in advance, providing the following details:

a) Your name and address.
b) Service Provider selected.
c) Description of work and date of appointment.
d) If the work is being done on a vehicle please provide the make and model.

3) We will send you confirmation of the guarantee being registered - please see our Ts&Cs to be sure you are aware of the limitations and conditions.

If you're a Service Provider that believes in your own capabilities and service quality, simply contact us to subscribe to our accreditation process.

Please note that the Ts&Cs below apply.

Assist247 Service and Workmanship Guarantee Terms and Conditions

The Assist247 Service Guarantee will be issued independently by Assist247 to our Website Users on behalf of all accredited (ACE Rated) Service Providers, as follows:

  1. In case of any dispute or allegations of inferior quality workmanship the website User (Client) must first attempt to resolve the dispute with the Service Provider (SP), failing which full submissions must be made to Assist247 within 7 days of the event.
  2. Assist247 will require that any User registers his/her intention to make use of the Service Provider via a simple form on the website or an email to us, so that we may be sure that the SP was indeed sourced on Assist247 or one of our group websites (, Service4Africa and Please note that this Service Guarantee will NOT be valid if the Service Provider was sourced from any alternative source, or we have not been notified of the User's intent to make use of the SP!
  3. In the event of any complaint or dispute, the User's submissions will be evaluated by in-house Assist247 experts, and should the SP's work found to be defective Assist247 will instruct him/her to effect repairs accordingly, failing which Assist247 will instruct an alternate SP of its choice to effect the necessary repairs. These repairs will be paid for by Assist247 at our own discretion up to a maximum of amount of R10000, and our decision as to who was to blame will be regarded as final and no discussions will be entered into.
  4. Please note this guarantee is supplementary to, and is not intended to replace any normal recourse the User may have in terms of the Service Providers' own guarantees and/or Consumer Protection Act. The Website User must in all instances attempt to first come to an amicable agreement with the SP to have defective work adequately repaired or replaced.