Gautowing Roadside Assistance

BEE Registered, Tyre changes, Minor air problems , Minor auto electrical, Minor roadside repairs, Jumps starts, wheel repais, bike jumpstart, tow, repair

Service Provider's Details

Name of business:

Gautowing Roadside Assistance

Responsible Person:

Pascall Ohenhen



Physical Address:

Unit 9, 676 Gallagher Avenue
Halfway House

Postal Address:


010 593 7748

Contact Persons

After hours 064 529 0236 (After Hours)
Office 010 593 7748 (All Hours)

Approved Services:

Roadside Assistance
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Fuel Delivery Service Buses/Trucks
Approved By Icon BEE Approved
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Locksmiths Cars, Bakkies, LDV & Trucks
Approved By Icon BEE Approved
service icon
Mobile Mechanic Cars & Light Vehicles
Approved By Icon BEE Approved
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Motorcycles Minor Emergency Breakdown
Approved By Icon BEE Approved
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Oil/Fluid/Water Delivery Buses/Trucks
Approved By Icon BEE Approved
service icon
Roadside Assistance Cars/LDVs/Bakkies
Approved By Icon BEE Approved
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Towing Motorcycle Trailer
Approved By Icon BEE Approved
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Towing Service 8t Rollback
Approved By Icon BEE Approved
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Towing Service Cars & Light Vehicles
Approved By Icon BEE Approved
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Towing Service Long Distance
Approved By Icon BEE Approved
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Since its establishment, GAUTOW has emerged as a leading black owned and managed investment company. It was proudly founded by professionals namely Osayi Ohenhen and Modiehi Ohenhen.

We will also offer special packages and discounts to attract new clients and retain existing ones. Our sales team will focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, providing excellent customer service and reliability.

Operations Plan:

Gautow Roadside Assistance will operate a fleet of service vehicles equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to provide tyre service on-site. Our team of trained technicians will be available 24/7 to respond to our clients’ needs and provide prompt and reliable service.

Financial Plan:

We will invest in the necessary equipment and vehicles to support our operations. We will also budget for marketing and sales efforts to grow our client base. Our financial projections are based on the potential for growth in the logistics industry and the demand for reliable roadside assistance services.


Gautow Roadside Assistance is committed to providing top-quality tyre service to logistics companies in need of roadside assistance. With a focus on affordability, reliability, and efficiency, we are poised to become the leading provider in this niche market. We are confident that our dedication to excellent customer service and our commitment to meeting the needs of logistics companies will ensure our success in this industry.

The shareholders of Pantium Trading and Projects 19cc which subsequently founded GAUTOW and are poised to provide excellent value-add to any business partner, providing both professional business skills as well as access to lucrative markets.

The company was founded on the belief that all active shareholders will play an active role across all of investments. We also share a belief that successful, durable and meaningful economic empowerment transactions can be strengthened through industrious entrepreneurial engagement.
GAUTOW’s ultimate goal is to generate a demonstrable business growth for current and potential business partners, ultimately making a lasting societal impact. As an organization, we care about the environment as well as the sustained and long-term well-being of the communities in which we do business. Our goal is to allow for proceeds accruing from resident investments to filter through to the communities in which we operate. Community participation is thus critical to the future success of our enterprise.
GAUTOW actively supports BEE entrepreneurs, businesses and charities. This represents the overall commitment to fuelling the country’s economic empowerment drive. As a home-grown South African company, our shareholders have a firm belief that the nation’s economic empowerment undertakings are not impossible to reach.
Our philosophy integrates the noble ideals of Black Economic Empowerment together with established business enterprise models in order to strengthen the South African economy. Since our founding, our conviction has been rewarded with the delivery of sustained long-term business performance.

The management of GAUTOW is highly experienced and qualified. Osayi Ohenhen, director and CEO, has been involved in the trucking industry for 5 years. He is well respected by the trucking professionals with whom he has worked. GAUTOW consists of a 2 member board of directors comprising of 2 executive directors, and its key role is to guide the executive management committee on strategic policy issues, operations and business development initiatives.
GAUTOW is an empowered investment company and our vision is to become the preferred investor and player in diversified value sectors globally.
To build a profitable business that will ensure growth, shareholder value, economic development and transformation.
GAUTOW stands by the following values:
• Accountability
• Collaboration
• Commitment & Passion
• Diversity and Innovation
• Efficiency
• Empowerment
• Integrity and Respect
• Leadership and Ownership
• Quality and Service Excellence
EXISTING INVESTMENTS - Pantium Trucking and Towing Services
The towing services commenced in 2014 when the initial tow truck was purchased. The towing service company will service the greater part of Johannesburg and Pretoria. The company aims to purchase additional tow trucks in the forth coming years. Having exceptional results from our trucking company we took the liberty to coagulate with John Madiba who has been in the towing industry for almost a decade. With his finesse and our reputable business ethic we have full confidence that Gautowing and Roadside Assistance will be the best in the industry.
The towing company offers the following services
Light- and medium-towing and recovery. Roadside assistance, including:
• Tyre changes
• Minor air problems
• Minor auto electrical
• Minor roadside repairs
• Jumpstarts
Safe storage. The oldest, friendliest, most efficient towing company in the area! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


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