Why listing on Assist247 produces the best results:

There are multiple ways that Internet Users search for Services and Service Providers on the Web, with certain descriptions more common than others. For example some of the popular services like Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Panel Beating, Towing and Mechanical Repairs all have over 500 different search words and phrases per service (according to Google), and this principle applies equally to almost all conceivable service categories.
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So, to optimise you business' Online presence and increase your cover as much as possible, we believe in combining three very important aspects of Internet Search:

  1. Firstly we add all your services and products to your listing whilst using as many popular Key Words as possible to describe them, in such a way that makes sense to Internet users.
  2. Then we link your services and products to ALL the areas that you are prepared to service.
  3. Finally we link the manufacturers and organisations you may have been approved by, as well as the associations you belong to, to your services and products.

These three elements exponentially increase the number of ways your business can be found by the various search engines.

But there are even more reasons to list your business on Assist247:

  1. For businesses who market their products and services country-wide Assist247 provides national coverage, giving you the opportunity to widen your business’ client base as much as you like.
  2. The Assist247 website has been designed so that your business profile becomes directly accessible to search engines, without having to use our dedicated sites search process. Visitors can find you without even having to navigate our website, which more than doubles your exposure.
  3. We also place your business accurately on a TomTom map, and in terms of our National agreement with TomTom they may also list your business on all their maps for navigation devices and iPhones, providing additional exposure to their 500 000 plus registered users in South Africa (optional).
  4. To further increase your Online presence we provide space for you to add more information to your profile (all visible to Google), together with your logo and a few pictures, as well as referrals from existing clients - prospective customers love this!
  5. Finally we also have two other major offline marketing channels where your Assist247 listing includes automatic participation - the new Whizzoh Assistance App and the South African National Service Providers Database, which is pro-actively marketed to the Assistance Industry as well as all other industry sectors that regularly require Service Providers.

This is why Assist247 really gets you noticed!

  1. Your profile on Assist247 acts as a significant source of Online information that helps to promote your brand and services, and we give all businesses (big or small) the opportunity to create an effective Web presence by advertising within a large group of Service Providers.
  2. Alternatively, if you already have your own website and would like to increase traffic to your site, we will provide a link from your Assist247 listing to your website.
  3. Assist247 uses an effective Internet marketing strategy, extensively using Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC) to feature prominently in Web search.
  4. We are also the ONLY online directory that performs our own accreditations (called ACE Ratings), which are widely respected and used by several large corporations and associations to audit their members.
  5. Finally we are the ONLY directory to issue a performance/workmanship guarantee to all Assist247 users of our ACE Rated Service Providers.

Assist247 is available to all businesses and you can decide on your own budget!

You don't need a huge budget to advertise on Assist247. We realise that advertising a small workshop in Pofadder can’t possibly be as rewarding as advertising a large mechanical repair facility in Sandton, therefore we try to accommodate both options (and everything in between) by allowing you to choose your own monthly budget. All you need to do is decide is how high you would like to feature on the list of available Service Providers in your area, and how much you can realistically afford to spend.

Before listing your business please check out the notes below, then choose your monthly budget anywhere between R150 and R2000 per month excluding VAT, and complete the application form. If you are at all unsure of what would be realistic for your areas and types of services, please email us or call our offices on 021 300 0401, and we will put you in touch with one of our consultants.

How to spend more time at the top of the list:

Please keep in mind that where you rank on the list of available providers in your area is determined purely by your monthly budget and how many visits you have received (also see item 6 below). Service Providers with higher budgets can therefore expect to spend more time at the top of the list, even though those with lower budgets will also get an opportunity to feature at the top.

For popular services we therefore recommend a minimum of R300 per month (excl VAT) for a small city/large town listing, and R400 per month (excl VAT) for a big city like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban. This could be even more (depending on budget) if you are competing amongst a number of other service providers in a popular area.

If you feel you are not getting enough business from your listing please try to increase your budget as you will then rank higher for longer and are likely to get more leads.

Please note that:

  • When you complete the application form you will be asked to provide your Primary Area (where your business is based), as well as your Secondary Areas (the surrounding areas that you are also prepared to service). You will also be asked about the services you provide, and clearly the more services you provide and areas you cover, the more the visits you can expect to your listing page, and the higher the budget you would require to remain competitive.
  • For our system as well as the Assist247 and Whizzoh Apps to function properly we need your detailed address please, as well as your bank details even if you pay on monthly invoice. Even though you may have a mobile business we really need the base from where you operate, and this is very important so please be as accurate as possible!
  • Your Approvals are just as important, so if you belong to an association or have been approved by a major manufacturer or feature on the panel of an insurance company, please provide us with details and the name and number of a contact person in that organisation that can verify your membership or approval (in the comments section of the listing form). We also cannot by law advertise security related services without a PSIRA number!
  • Please keep in mind that we have several corporate clients with many branches on our website, so we are very flexible and can accommodate multiple listings. If you fall in this category please contact us to discuss a substantial discount depending on the number of branches and services listed.
  • Standard Terms & Conditions apply but we do not believe in contracts so debit order clients can cancel at any time before the end of a calendar month (before the debit orders are processed). This of course also applies to EFT clients paying on monthly invoice.
  • Our algorithm to determine a Service Provider's position on the list of available Providers at any given moment, has been developed in-house over many years to be as fair as possible to all advertisers, and we reserve the right to change it at any time.