Assist247 and Google: A winning combination for your business!

To be successful as a service provider in South Africa, you need a prominent online presence. Simply put, your business needs to show up when prospective customers search for your services. And that is why you need to list your business on Assist247.

Assist247 has been operating successfully since 2003, so we have many regular users and assistance group partners searching for service providers on our website. However, most of your new customers will be using Google and other search engines to find capable providers. People use thousands of different keywords to search, and it is near impossible for an individual business like yours to rate highly for all of them. Listing on Assist247, however, means you can have a direct link from the first page of Google to your business for a large percentage of your services.

Allow us to explain how potential customers will find you:

Assist247 is Search-Based advertising. Over 90% of your visitors will be searching on Google for a specific type of Service Provider in your area. The search will often include a particular approver, association, or condition, for example: 'RMI workshop in Sandton,' or 'VW approved panel beater in Pretoria,' or '24hr plumber in Bloemfontein.'

Your Assist247 listing performs like a mini-website that includes all your services, approvals and conditions. For most of them, your Assist247 service/area combination will rank right up there and have one or more links from Google's first page.

Your visitors will then find your contact details on the link, call you, or click through to your Assist247 profile.

But there are even more reasons to list your business on Assist247

  1. Assist247 can create and manage a "Google My Business" listing and professional website on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on running your business. The website will significantly enhance your web presence and can even have your own dedicated URL (website address),
    such as
  2. Assist247 provides extensive coverage to all your service areas, even nationally if required.
  3. We can also manage Google Ads campaigns on your behalf.
  4. Your business profile is directly accessible to search engines without even having to navigate our website.
  5. To further increase your online presence, we provide space for you to add more information, referrals and photos to your profile that are all visible to Google.
  6. We also have two other major offline marketing channels where your Assist247 listing includes automatic participation: The new Whizzoh Assistance App (ACE Rating required) and the South African National Service Providers Database.
  7. The SANSPD is pro-actively distributed to prominent participants in the South African Assistance Industry and other industry sectors that regularly require Service Providers.
  8. We are also the ONLY online directory that can perform an optional accreditation of your business (called ACE Ratings), widely respected and used by several large corporations and associations to audit their members.
  9. Assist247 is the ONLY directory to issue a performance/workmanship guarantee to all Assist247 users of our ACE Rated Service Providers.

Assist247 is available to all businesses, and you can decide on your budget!

You don't need a huge budget to advertise on Assist247. We realise that promoting a small workshop in Pofadder and a giant mechanical repair facility in Sandton has different competition levels. Therefore, we try to accommodate all possible listing options.

Decide on your budget and complete the application form. If you are unsure of what would be realistic for your areas and types of services, please email us or call our offices on 021 300 0401, and we will put you in touch with one of our consultants.

We have a few recommended options for country listings and city listings for ease of use. We are, however, exceptionally flexible and will happily consider and discuss alternative amounts.

Please note that:

  • We have several corporate clients with many branches on our website, so we can accommodate multiple listings. If your business falls into this category, please contact us to discuss a substantial discount depending on the number of branches and services listed.
  • Standard Terms & Conditions apply, but we do not believe in contracts, so clients can cancel at any time before the end of a calendar month (before the debit orders and invoices are processed).
  • Our algorithm to determine a Service Provider's position on the list of available Providers at any given moment has been developed in-house over many years to be as fair as possible to all advertisers, and we reserve the right to change it at any time.