Frequently asked Questions

Website User's Frequently asked questions

What does Assist247 do?

We are a national Service Provider directory, and market (or advertise) the services of our clients all over South Africa.

Does Assist247 provide any services themselves?

No we don't provide any services ourselves, however we list Service Providers across many categories Nationally.

Do they all operate on a 24 hour basis?

Some only operate normal business hours, however many are available 24/7 - this is clearly indicated next to the name of the Service Provider when looking at the list of available providers in an area.

How do we search for available Service Providers on the this website?

The simplest and easiest is the keyword search:

On the homepage you start by entering the first 3 letters of the service you are looking for into the Keyword Search box, and expand on the service from there. Once you've clicked on the closest applicable service you enter the first 3 letters of the town or area you require and once again choose the correct or closest area, where after you simply click on 'GO'. A list of available Service Providers will be presented, with the Providers in your area listed at the top and the ones in surrounding areas (that are also prepared to service your area) below them.

Narrowing Search by Insurerer/Manufacturer/Approval Body:
Note that it is also possible once you have selected a service to even filter results by what insurance/approval/manufacturing body the service is approved by, for example to show only service providers that do RMI approved Panelbeating, this can be done after selecting the service and clikcing on the link just above the areas list e.g. "Panel Beaters All Vehicles approved by..."

Areas Search:
Alternatively if you are interested in looking for what kinds of services are available in a particular area, and searching that way, you can use the Areas Search, where you choose your area first, then select a service, then choose a service provider.

How do we search for available Service Providers on

Simply click on SEARCH and then choose your area. After that the available service categories for that area will be listed and you can search for the one you need.

What do the stars after a Service Provider's name mean?

These are our ACE Rated and Assist247 Guaranteed Service Providers, and there is a separate section on the website that explains all the benefits of using them.

Service Provider's Frequently asked Questions

How can I find my details on the site?

The quickest way to find your web page on the site would be to search under the "Service Providers A-Z" section, although you would also find it under all the normal search functions (like searching for any of your services in any of your areas).

What services and areas have I been listed for?

We have provisionally registered you for the services and areas as indicated in your Login section – once your details are uploaded please login with your ID number and password (contact us if you have lost yours), or email us if you would like to make any changes. While you’re in that section also please check out the number of Internet Routes created leading to your details page called the Area-Services-Approved By Matrix!

Why can’t you change your service description to exactly the way I want it?

On the Internet (and with Google specifically) there is strength in numbers, and it is far better to be listed in a category that is close to the service you provide than on your own in a category that exactly describes your service. This is because Google primarily rates a website according to the amount of content when referring users to websites.

What are Primary and Secondary areas?

Your Primary area is where your business is physically situated or where you do most of your business. If for example you are situated in an area like Klerksdorp this would only be Klerksdorp, but in an area like Bedfordview this would include Johannesburg (all areas), Edenvale and Edenvale - Bedfordview. Secondary areas are other areas that you are prepared to service, and in the example above they would include Potchefstroom and Orkney (amongst others) for Klerksdorp, and Kempton Park and Germiston (amongst others) for Bedfordview.

Why the distinction? Simply because it allows users to search for service provider in their own areas first, if proximity is important to them. If they cannot find someone suitable they can then search for service providers in the surrounding areas.

How can I change my general business details?

Please login and make use of the "Change Your Details" form provided.

How can I add services, association memberships and approvers?

Unfortunately these have to be added by ourselves to verify accuracy, so please email these requirements to us together with names and telephone numbers of representatives of the approvers/associations who can confirm the information, and we will do the rest.

What other features are special about my listing?

If you want customers to be able to find your business premises, you can activate/fine tune your map.

Do you record the visits to my details page?

Yes we do, and you can check out your detailed statistics by logging in, or by clicking on the link from your visits counter.

Do I need invoices from Assist247 to reclaim the VAT?

No you don’t, as the Receiver has deemed this not to be necessary for this type of recurring transaction – when requested to do so simply submit a copy of the debit order instruction as proof of input tax paid.