Is your vehicle roadworthy?

When last have you considered the condition of your vehicle? Checking your tyre pressure and changing the oil regularly simply isn't enough to ensure the safety and protection of your vehicle, its passengers or other road users.

By law, any vehicle operating on South African public roads must be deemed “road worthy” by an official private or public testing station. The responsibility of scheduling and taking a vehicle in for this test rests solely on each individual vehicle owner.

The roadworthiness test

The roadworthiness test involves checking your vehicle's documentation and identification, electrical systems, fittings and safety equipment - such as mirrors and safety belts - brakes, suspension, steering, engine, exhaust system, transmission, and vehicle dimensions. For more information visit cape>gateway.

Also, feel free to consult, download and print the official roadworthiness test sheet that is published in the Government Gazette - 23 November 2005, (issue no. 28227).

Where and how to obtain a roadworthiness certificate

The first step is to locate a vehicle testing centre near you. You will need to produce all your vehicle's official documents, including its registration certificate. Next, simply pay the required fee and follow the instructions of the officials at the vehicle testing centre.

For your safety

Always inspect your vehicle very carefully before going on a long trip. In particular, you need to make sure that your car's brakes and lights are in perfect working order - including the back, front and brake lights. Also, be sure to check your windscreen wipers, tyres, and brake fluid on a regular basis. It's as easy as that to help increase the safety on our roads!