About the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI)

(information obtained from the RMI website, with Assist247 perspective added)


Benefit of using RMI Approved Services

In an industry that in most sectors is overtraded, RMI is constantly promoting to the consumer that by dealing exclusively with RMI members, they will have peace of mind knowing that they are protected by the RMI Code of Conduct, which ensures fair and reasonable prices, quality goods, a guarantee of parts and services and a recourse should they not be satisfied.

Code of Conduct

Accredited members are party to the RMI Consumer Code of Conduct in terms of which the consumer is assured that an accredited member undertakes to:

  • Sell his quality products and services at a fair and reasonable price.
  • Honour both in letter and in spirit any guarantees applicable to products and services sold by them.
  • Acknowledges that, should there be a dispute between a consumer/customer and our member which could not be amicably settled at Management level, the consumer/customer has the right to refer such dispute to the RMI for investigation.
  • RMI’s Consumer Services divisions are deployed countrywide.

Professional intervention ensures a proud record of high success rate in dispute resolution.


The RMI has a membership of around 7500 members and aims to be a collective voice, negotiating better trading conditions in the South African market place. It is a member driven organisation and the leading voice in the Motor Industry, and it constantly seeks solutions to members’ concerns. RMI members are serviced through 6 regional offices, manned by 83 full-time staff members. The RMI also acts as the major employer representative of the Motor Industry Bargaining Council, representing their members in labour negotiations as well as the social benefit schemes, as well as dispute resolution processes and exemption procedures.


  • To promote, protect and encourage the interests of members as well as the motoring public, by setting and maintaining proper standards of service and ethical trading conditions in the industry.
  • To maintain high standards of business ethics and service delivery to the motoring public by members of the RMI, and where necessary provide upliftment programmes to improve the knowledge and professionalism of members.
  • To facilitate the settlement of labour disputes between members and their employees by conciliation, mediation and/or arbitration.
  • To regulate relations between members and their employees and/or trade unions, and protect and further the interests of members in that regard.
  • To promote, support or oppose when necessary, any proposal, legislative or other measures affecting the interests of members.
  • To affiliated with, and participate in the affairs of other bodies sharing common interest with RMI members i.e. NAAMSA, NAACAM, SABS, DoT, Busa, Nedlac, SAPIA and the DTI.

Business Focus

  • To enforce Quality & Standards through the elimination of counterfeit parts, thereby protecting both members and motorists from the consequences of mechanical failure due to the use of sub-standard components.
  • The RMI has a vibrant national Consumer Affairs Department, dealing with matters raised by consumers and members alike where the RMI acts as intermediary in resolving disputes amicably.
  • To encourage consumers to do business with members through the accreditation and grading of members’ businesses.
  • To represent member’s interests with various government and other industry bodies, i.e. the AA, SABS, DTI, DoT, NAAMSA, NAACAM, AIDC, MIDC, AMID, oil companies, motor manufacturers, as well as various banking and insurance institutions.
  • To disseminate valuable industry information to members and consumers.
  • To provide access to other business partners in industry that offer industry specific products, i.e. Capricorn.
  • The RMI is an endorsee of National motoring exhibitions such as the Johannesburg International Motor Show, Automechanika South Africa, South African Automotive Week and the Workshop and Technology Show.
  • To conduct brand awareness campaigns through media reports, radio and television interviews, national radio advertising and government liaison to promote RMI members, with particular focus on consumer awareness in doing business with RMI members and promoting the Code of Conduct.
  • A Business Director managing specific Associational needs and activities.
  • A Regional and National Executive Committee, representing members and encouraging member interaction and participation in the successful role of specific Associations.

Training Focus

  • Sourcing of training interventions through the RMI Training Department.
  • Representation of members, and addressing their training needs, by serving on various forums of the Merseta, ie Authority-, Executive and Merseta Motor Chamber Committees, including bodies such as Busa and Dol.

Labour Focus

  • Highly qualified IR consultants nationally at six Regional offices;
  • Negotiation at MIBCO level with unions on wage and substantive issues;
  • Free telephone assistance and advice on employment issues within member establishments;
  • Highly competitive low-priced on-site assistance by skilled IR staff;
  • Representation at DRC, CCMA and Labour Court forums; and
  • Presentation of seminars on various labour related issues.

Social Benefits

  • Healthcare – Moto-Health Fund available for members and their employees offering very competitive contributions with excellent benefits.
  • Pension & Provident Funds – excellent funds available for members and their employees.

Member Organisations

The following Organizations are Members of the RMI:

  • MIMA (Motor Industry Manufacturers’ Association) - MIMA members are Parts, Equipment and Component Manufacturers and suppliers to Original Equipment Manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket that exports into Africa and other countries in the world.
  • MIWA (Motor Industry Workshop Association of South Africa) - The largest trade association under the Retail Motor Industry Organisation, who acts as the collective voice of Independent workshops, directly representing over 2500 workshops nationally.
  • MDA (Motorcycle Dealers’ Association) - The retail motor industry looks to the Motorcycle Dealers’ Association as its mouthpiece to protect and further the interests of the motorcycle sales and service industry.
  • ERA (The Engine Remanufacturer's Association) - Established in the early 1990s, and today serves the engine repair requirements of consumers, industry and engine remanufacturing professionals in South Africa.
  • ACRA (Automotive Component Remanufacturers’ Association) - The Automotive Component Remanufacturer’s Association (ACRA) represents component remanufacturers involved in both the remanufacture of safety critical components and radiators.
  • TDAFA (Tyre Dealers and Fitment Association) The TDAFA is a proactive association and aligns itself at the forefront of all issues relevant to tyres and the fitment industry.
  • SAVABA (South African Vehicle And Body Builders’ Association) - SAVABA members are the professional vehicle body builders in South Africa.
  • SAPRA (South African Petroleum Retailers Association) - acts as a friend to fuel retailers in South Africa.
  • SAMBRA (South African Motor Body Repairers Association) - is an active leader in the motor body repair industry.
  • VTA (Vehicle Testing Association) – The VTA is an organisation that represents the private vehicle testing stations involved in testing and issuing roadworthy certificate in terms of the National Road Traffic Act and SABS 047.
  • NADA (National Automobile Dealers’ Association) - The National Automobile Dealers’ Association is a professional body representing the interests of businessmen who own/operate new vehicle franchise motor dealerships and qualifying used car only outlets in South Africa.
  • MPEA (Motor Parts & Equipment Association) - The Motor Parts & Equipment association represents wholesalers, retailers and independent parts traders in the replacement motor parts industry.


RMI National Tel Number : (011) 886-6300 / (011) 789-2542

Regional contact numbers and other contact details can be found on RMI's website here here.

Joining the RMI:

Businesses can join the RMI by filling in the form here.

The Assist247 Perspective

During the 25 years that the Assist247 group has been active in the Motor and Home Assistance Industry, we have always supported the use of Association members by consumers and our website users, as we believe this at least gives the consumer some form of recourse should a member’s services be found to be less than satisfactory.

Even though we have since added our own accreditation process (ACE Ratings) and Service & Workmanship Guarantee, which we believe to be the most stringent test of competency and the least prohibitive guarantee available in the marketplace today, we still feel that dealing with association members provides a measure of security to consumers, over and above those provided by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.