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  1. Your profile on Assist247 acts as a mini website that helps to promote your brand and services, and you can also continually improve your profile by updating it and adding photos. Where you rank on the list of available providers in your area is determined purely by your monthly budget and how many visits you have received. Service Providers with higher budgets can therefore expect to spend more time at the top of the list, even though those with lower budgets will also get an opportunity. Simply choose your budget between R150 and R2000 per month for individual business listings (contact us if you have more than one branch) and enter the amount below.
  2. Please enter your business details exactly as you want them to show on the website.
  3. Confidential information like your bank details will not be displayed on the site.
  4. Debit orders are only processed once a month, and ALWAYS on the 7th - we would really appreciate it if you could please ensure you have the necessary funds available on that date.

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