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Get your panel beating certification in South Africa - RMI/SAMBRA

Get your panel beating certification in South Africa / SAMBRA

Obtaining a certified panel beating qualification is crucial in order for panel beaters to operate professionally within the industry.

The South African Motor Body Repair Association (SAMBRA) – a constituent of the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) Organisation – represents the collision repair industry on a national level.

In order to join SAMBRA, applicants must first achieve the standards of the SAMBRA grading system, which is designed to foster a sound and sustainable panel beating industry.

The SAMBRA grading system is especially formulated so that repairers on all levels are able to join and earn some form of panel beating certification.

Amongst other things, SAMBRA determines and negotiates industry standard rates within the panel beating industry to ensure fair trading conditions and financial viability for certified members. In addition, SAMBRA is committed to the continuous development of staff and members through regular panel beater training.

There are a variety of panel beater colleges, courses, and training certificate options, as well as panel beater apprenticeships to choose from in South Africa. Our advice to aspiring panel beaters is to do the appropriate homework by getting in touch with organisations such as RMI and SAMBRA and, ultimately, selecting the most relevant right panel beating certification course.

Our recommendation to panel beater dealerships, on the other hand, is to contact SAMBRA, as it is in the best interests of all panel beating businesses to join this helpful and prestigious certification association.

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