Industry Articles

Find out how to get qualified in the plumbing, panelbeating, locksmith, or electrical industries in South Africa as well as the becoming a member of the industry bodies that represent professional plumbers, panelbeaters, locksmiths, and electrical contractors.

Read article on how to become a licensed plumber in South Africa / IOPSA membership

Are you interested in going to plumbing school, doing plumbing courses or finding out about plumber apprenticeships? Read this article for more information on the Institute of Plumbing SA can help you.

Read article on how to get your panel beating certification in South Africa / SAMBRA

Read about The South African Motor Body Repair Association's role in the panelbeating industry, choosing the right panel beater colleges, panel beating courses, training certificate options as well as panel beater apprenticeships in South Africa. Read the article.

Read article on certified locksmiths in South Africa / LASA

Read about The Locksmith Association of South Africa (LASA) and how they can help you in the the locksmiths industry and with the neccessary training. Read the article.

Read article on how to become a certified electrical contractor in South Africa / ECA(SA)

Read this article on The Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa, their electrical contractor training, registered learnerships, apprentice training and ongoing skills development.