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Become a certified electrical contractor - ECA(SA)

Become a certified electrical contractor in South Africa / ECA(SA)

In order to become a certified electrical contractor in South Africa – and gain confidence in your ability to offer a superior service – it is imperative to obtain the necessary electrical contracting certification.

The Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa, ECA(SA), boasts over 3000 electrical contractors, as well as makers and distributors of electrical equipment and components. More than half of South Africa’s electrical contracting employers are members of ECA (SA) – these members; in turn employ approximately 70% of all certified electricians in the country.

Through professional partnerships and accredited training centres, ECA(SA) offers a variety of skills development and training courses to equip aspiring electrical practitioners.

ECA(SA)’s electrical contractor training encompasses everything from helping contractors establish up-and-coming businesses and registered learnerships, to apprentice training and ongoing skills development.

According to ECA(SA), all electricians are trained under one of four categories to obtain the proper licensing and certification:

  • Electrician
  • Electrician construction
  • Electrician mining
  • Electrician engineering

Completing an electrical contractor apprenticeship and passing a Trade Test are preconditions in order to become a certified electrical contractor.

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