The Assist247 Difference

When browsing the Assist247 website you will notice that we keep going on about the fact that our service providers are mainly "Approved" providers. Why is that so important to us?

The answer is quite simple, and we'll illustrate it with an example:

Do you realise that when you've damaged your car in an accident you have to use a Panel Beater that has been approved by the manufacturer, otherwise the warranty may lapse? This is essential to know, yet no other website will provide you with this information before you choose a service provider!

Similarly, members of associations all have to adhere to a code of conduct, so you know you're getting reputable parts and services.

You may want to look for a supplier that is authorized to sell you the make of tyre or shock absorber that you prefer to use, or perhaps you would like to know the rates charged by Towing Services before you contact them for a quote. What about which areas they are prepared to service outside the one they physically operate from?

This kind of information you will only find on Assist247, and that's the difference!

To put it in a nutshell: We provide users with all the important information they require and more, and SPs with the opportunity to market themselves to potential customers looking for the services and products only they can provide!

And that's not all! We go out of our way to help both reader and advertiser by:

  • Publishing the total number of visits to the various SP categories, and recording detailed visits to their profiles for the benefit of all Service Providers.
  • Performing accreditations (ACE Ratings) off certain categories of Service Providers, so that you may use them with confidence.
  • Providing our Assist247 Service and Workmanship Guarantee to further support our Users and accredited Service Providers.
  • Investing in and building Mobile Apps for even greater User convenience.
  • Entering into agreements with companies like TomTom SA and Whizzoh (Pty) Ltd to use the information to assist literally millions of clients.
  • Providing telephone numbers to use in emergencies.
  • Providing useful features to website users free of charge such as our Find a Car Part service.

We think you'll agree; Assist247 offers you so much more!