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Assist247, South Africa’s only matrix of accredited service providers, has taken it one step further with the introduction of Assist247 Mobile.

Thanks to this groundbreaking technology, you can use your cell phone to access detailed information about the service providers you need – when you need them most. It is fast, cheaper than an SMS, and you can use it anywhere!

While mobile directories require lengthy download times, and can become outdated soon after you’ve gone through the schlep of downloading them, Assist247 Mobile is designed to work like a website on your cell phone. This means that instead of having to download an entire directory, you can go directly to the information you need on your cell phone — saving you time and money. What’s more, the Assist247 Mobile matrix is updated constantly, giving you the peace of mind that your service provider’s details are always correct and up-to-date.

Why do I need Assist247 Mobile?

The benefits of having cell phone access to a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute matrix of accredited South African service providers are endless. Here is just one of many possible scenarios where Assist247 Mobile can save the day:

The sun is setting on the shopping mall parking lot and you have just realised that your keys are locked inside the car. You know the number of a directory enquiry service that could put you in touch with a locksmith, but you remember from experience that they could put you on hold for as long as ten minutes. Wasting your cell phone’s battery life is out of the question. This is where Assist247 Mobile comes in - you can tap into our detailed matrix and find all the information you need in a matter of seconds!

How does it work?

Simply enter Assist247 Mobile’s URL,, into the allocated space in your cell phone’s Internet browser, and follow the easy on-screen prompts to specify where you are and what you need. This is all it will take for you to have instant, up-to-date information about the service provider you are looking for.

Want to enjoy peace of mind and 24-hour access to this innovative service? Save Assist247 Mobile’s address on your cell phone today!

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