What does Assist247's Online Matrix of South African Service Providers Offer?

Try the Assist247 Business listings search system We've called the South African business directory Assist247 an Online Matrix, as it combines Services, Areas and Approvers in such a way that they are all linked to each other in a findable manner, thereby creating a 3-dimensional matrix that substantially increases online exposure to advertisers. On Assist247 the User can search for various types of Service Providers that service his area(s), filtered by the Approvers that he prefers or needs to deal with. These include a multitude of possibilities, but as an example you may want to use a panel beater that has been approved by your car manufacturer and/or insurance company as the vehicle's warranty depends on it. Also, you may need to work with builders that are registered with the NHBRC, or security companies that are registered with PSIRA, and these are important factors to consider when searching for companies to quote you. Being able to refine your searches in this manner is one of the things that makes Assist247 special.

Twenty years after the establishment of South Africa's first (and only) specialised Service Provider Directory, Assist247 is highly rated by Google and other search engines, and is still the only directory to perform its own accreditations of Service Providers (limited to certain categories). We also own a number of other websites including and Our most recent and exciting business ventures include the launching of the new Whizzoh App (in partnership with the Digicall Group and others), as well as the Assist247 Service and Workmanship Guarantee.

It is therefore not surprising that Assist247 has become a leading authority and a trusted source amongst corporate and private users alike, providing valuable and reliable information that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Our website is quick and easy to navigate, and Assist247 has recently taken the ultimate step forward, by guaranteeing the services and workmanship of our accredited Service Providers (Ts&Cs Apply). This valuable guarantee is available to all website users absolutely free of charge, and applies to all Providers that have qualified in terms of our ACE Rating process.

How to be accredited by Assist247

How to be approved for Assist247's South African Business Directory If your company has been accredited by one of the major manufacturers, insurance companies or franchise chains, or you are a member in good standing of a recognised trade association, then you your services may be linked to these groups and associations on the Assist247 website. Should you however want to apply for Assist247 accreditation, please go to the section on ACE Ratings and contact us if you are interested.

The major benefit of being ACE Rated is that you automatically qualify for our Assist247 Service and Workmanship Guarantee, a first in this industry (Ts&Cs Apply). Your business will however first have to be accredited by one of our auditors, using an extensive in-house programme that has been specially developed for your type of industry.

Assist247 Mission Statement

Assist247 aims to become and remain the most respected Online Source of quality information regarding capable and responsible Service Providers, in all sectors of the economy throughout Southern Africa, by encouraging Providers to subscribe to our Accreditation Process as well as by linking their services to their various Approval Groups and Trade Associations. In doing this we undertake to market the services of our Service Providers as efficiently as possible, while keeping in mind that our objectiveness and fairness is not for sale. Where necessary we reserve the right to take appropriate action, even if it necessitates the removing of a paying Service Provider from our website, to preserve and enhance the integrity of our brand and for the benefit and peace of mind of private and corporate users alike.

So, even if your business is not the slickest high-tech operation in town, but you believe you are enthusiastic and good enough to join the push towards better service delivery, please register now and apply for an ACE Rating.

And if you're a South African consumer that values quality service, look no further than Assist247 - here we believe in our Service Providers and we back them with more than just promises!