Assist247 and ACE Ratings Presentation

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ACE Ratings and Assist247 Accreditation

All service providers indicated as having been Accredited by Assist247 have been virtually visited and inspected by Assist247 appointed inspectors, and awarded an ACE rating based on the following universally applied criteria to all aspects of their business: Does not comply, Complies but attention is required, Fully complies to Industry Standards, Fully complies to Industry Standards & Excels.

The inspections and Accreditations are carried out to the most exacting standards possible, by qualified persons with many years of experience in the industry.

In addition to having their Accreditation indicated on the Assist247 website, Accredited Service Providers will also display the necessary stickers and certificates at their premises and on their vehicles. To ensure the authenticity and current compliance of the service provider, it is imperative that the user confirms the same on the Assist247 website.

ACE Star Rating

Assist247 uses a star system coupled with its ACE rating, to indicate what level of Accreditation service providers have received. Although our top service providers may receive 5-star ratings, even a 1-star rating would suggest that the service provider has been rated acceptable for business according to our Accreditation Programme, and has achieved an ACE pass rating of higher than 50%. The lower star ratings, could for instance, indicate that the service provider operates from home, but would still be more than capable of providing a quality service, often at a lower price due to lower overheads. They are therefore perfectly worthy of your consideration.

Service providers may even have different ACE ratings for different services, as many of them provide multiple services but not all to the same standard.

Accreditation Programme

This Accreditation Programme has been developed especially for Assist247 by experts in the field, and represents the most independent, unique and prestigious Accreditation rating available in the industry today. As a potential, user you can rest assured that there is no better referral system available.

Please note that even though we have applied the most stringent standards possible in awarding our Accreditations, ACE and Star Ratings, we must point out that we do not get involved in the actual service delivery process, unless the work has been registered with us prior to commencing. Furthermore, we rely heavily on feedback from the customer, and hereby undertake to follow up on all complaints received, to the point of decreasing the star rating or even removing the Accreditation of service providers should the number and level of complaints received indicate that they are not worthy of our approval.

At the same time, we also welcome all positive feedback from our users regarding our service providers and their service delivery. These contributions will be gratefully received and will without doubt encourage our service providers to maintain their high-quality services.

Assist247 currently specialises in ACE rating most of our service categories, including:

  • Appliance Repairs
  • Electricians
  • Locksmiths
  • Car & Vehicle Repairs
  • Panelbeaters
  • Plumber
  • Roadside Assistance (Cars & Trucks)
  • Towing
  • And many others

If there is an industry not listed above you think we should look into doing ACE ratings for then please let us know.

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