ACE Ratings Presentation for Corporate Users

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ACE Ratings and Corporate Users

As a corporate user, you can really help us with our drive to improve service delivery simply by endorsing this service.

There would be zero cost to your corporation, but the longer the list of companies that endorse our ACE Ratings, the bigger the incentive for service providers to participate.

The benefits to your your organisation are:

  • better quality service delivery for your clients
  • accountability to service providers for their mistakes
  • follow up service from ourselves should problems occur

All service providers are audited on an annual basis and by demand.
We will make summarized reports of individual service providers available to you indicating detailed results of their accreditations as well as the exact ACE ratios achieved for the services.

These ACE ratios show the ratio of all aspects of their business that needed Attention at the time of the accreditation, as well as those that were Complied with and those that were rated as Excellent, and the reports are ample proof to clients that the selection of service providers were based on solid investigation.

Please contact us or call Paul Meyer on 0825577500 if you’re interested in adding your endorsement to what we believe may be the most important development in our industry in many, many years.

ACE Ratings Accreditation System

The Ace Rating System has been designed by experts with years of experience in their various industries to create the most independent, accurate and unique accreditation offered to service providers. Once a business applies for an ACE rating from Assist247, an industry expert is dispatched to visit their business premises for a thorough hands-on inspection. Every tiny detail, from the cleanliness of the reception area and the tools used for trade through to displayed accreditations and qualifications of workers is given a thorough inspection and rated according to the Ace Rating checkpoint system.

Does this inspected aspect of the service provider:

  • comply but need attention?
  • fully comply with all industry requirements
  • excel in every aspect of service?
  • not comply with industry standards?

After each aspect of the service provider has been checked, Assist247 will provide a percentage rating in accordance with service level requirements to present our users with a star rating from 1 through to 5. Any service provider with a single Ace Star has received the full quality assurance of Assist 247 for their services but may not have the full features and offerings of a 5 star service provider. For example a spray painter with full industry qualifications and accreditations, providing exceptional service and quality of work from his home premises may only receive 2 stars due to smaller premises and other factors that a 5 Star establishment will have.

To ensure ongoing and consistent customer satisfaction, each Ace Rating is re-assessed annually to keep our ratings accurate and fair to our service providers and directory users. Should any complaints regarding service not be addressed by the provider, they will have their Ace Rating lowered or removed so that our users can always receive the best service by choosing the Assist247 directory. Attention to detail, Compliance with industry codes and standards, as well as Excellence in client service are the three pillars of our Ace Rating System at Assist247. We understand that for our users, it’s not purely the end product that is important when dealing with a professional, but the details that make the difference between a burden and a blessing.

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