Assist247 launches new Vintage car section

Vintage cars are classified as cars that were manufactured between 1919 and 1930. Vintage car collectors are passionate about their hobby, and it shows. The Vintage car industry in South Africa is a prominent one – even though some vintage car lovers prefer to keep their hobby under wraps. Car enthusiasts gather together on a regular basis at fairs and car clubs to show off their prized possessions and swop vintage related advice. There are over 50 different vintage car clubs in South Africa, with some focusing on cars from certain periods in time and others featuring specific makes of vintage cars. There are also annual vintage car shows that let the public view individual’s collections and let people join in the celebration of all things classic.

There is speculation as to the exact date of the arrival of the first car in South Africa. It is claimed that Mr. John Percy Hess from Pretoria decided to import a Benz Velo from Germany in 1896. The car was apparently shipped to Port Elizabeth and then transported to Pretoria. Mr. Hess’s love for cars led him to become the official representative for the Benz and Co. car company in South Africa. The next year, Mr. Hess paraded his car for spectators to see. It was such an anticipated event that even then president, Paul Kruger, attended, preferring to stand by and watch instead of participate. The car industry grew at a rapid pace, with South Africa receiving the first Ford ever sold outside North America. In more recent years, the interest in vintage cars has led to the establishment of car clubs. Some vintage car clubs, some which have been running for over 30 years.

People love the look and design of classic vintage cars, and many want to hire these fancy vehicles for matric dances, weddings and special occasions. There are also vintage car museums all around South Africa, so if you aren’t lucky enough to have your own vintage beauty, you can go and view a historical vintage display.

Assist247 has recently launched an exciting vintage cars section where you can browse Vintage cars for sale to add to your exclusive collection. There is also an opportunity to find vintage car spare parts for sale, so you can find various vehicle components that will help you complete your car, get it on the road, and let you be the centre of attention.