Marketing your business online after the 2020 Lockdown (in South Africa)

How do you effectively market your business online in 2021, with a limited budget?

Online marketing is key for the modern business, allowing prospective clients searching for your businesses' services online to find you.

Fortunately, friends are still there to spread the word and recommend your services on social media, even if the number of competitors seems to be growing daily. Clearly, it’s time to turn it up a notch to EFFECTIVE digital media, with a group of Online Directories that are so much more than just a collection of adverts!

Image: 2 Cellphones next to a computer - Marketing your business in 2021 with a limited budget using our group of online directories

Everybody knows Word-of-Mouth is excellent, and social media is OK. But truthfully, referrals from family and friends should always be taken with a pinch of salt, as the more intense the competition, the more flowering the praise. And unless you’re offering ‘nice-to-have’ products or a brand name, what’s the point of advertising your business on a board, or a banner, whether it be digital or physical? If you’re providing ‘on-demand’ type services, prospective customers won’t take much heed of those ads until they need your assistance. And more often than not, they will look to find help online.

Image: Friends discussing things around a table - Everybody knows word of mouth is excellent for promoting your business

That is when Assist247 stands out from the crowd. Even though there could be thousands of links to your business on the Internet, only 10 of them are relevant. They are the ten spots on the FIRST page of Google Search, where new clients will find your Assist247, Services4Africa, and links.

As an added benefit, you can also expect calls from assistance call centres. Because, with your permission, we will be sharing your details on our South African National Service Providers Database, which is used extensively by the assistance industry.

Services X Areas Covered X Approvals and Associations - Multiple unique links to your business

Listing your business on Assist247 covers ALL the bases. If you also distinguish yourself from the competition with a prestigious Assist247 ACE Accreditation, you will attract immediate attention with a star rating and independent workmanship guarantee, unique to the industry. A directory that guarantees its Service Providers’ services is unusual, to put it mildly. But being ACE Rated means Internet users have complete peace of mind when dealing with you, even if they have never done business with you before.

List your business online with the Assist247 Group of directories -,, and

With an ACE Rating, you also qualify automatically for participation in the new Whizzoh Assistance App, developed in partnership with Digicall. Several large groups are already lining up to offer Whizzoh to thousands of their clients.

Still not enough? Let us boost your Online Search profile with search-targeted Google Ads and Facebook campaigns because Assist247 is indeed the ultimate marketing solution for your business. List your business now, and prospective clients will not only find you but more importantly, they will CHOOSE YOU!

We offer businesses a opportunity to be Accredited with 5 stars and participate in our Workmanship Guarantee