Home improvements: Waterproofing, painting and building

Improve your home

The New Year has officially begun - what better time than right now to get those long-overdue home improvements done? Whether your home is in need of waterproofing, painting or building, Assist 247 is guaranteed to be of service.

Don't waste your time with the yellow pages; simply use our extensive database to get in touch with reputable waterproofing companies, residential painting contractors and builders in your area.

A few clicks of the mouse is all it will take to find all the information you need to contact an accredited service provider from your neighbourhood - everything from their contact details and list of services, to rates and even the contractor's reputation among industry bodies!

Contact reputable building contractors

There are many reasons why homeowners feel compelled to contact home remodelling contractors to renovate their houses. Some want to sell their property and know that a little house remodelling will significantly boost their chances of a good sale. Others contact home builders to add an extra room to the house for the baby that's on the way. Then there are homeowners who are in need of home repairs, or simply want home remodelling contractors to spruce up their living spaces.

From building remodelling to home additions, you're guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for right here on the Assist 247 database!

Get in touch with waterproofing services

There is no need to tolerate those home leaks any longer. Thanks to Assist 247, you won't believe how fast and easy getting in touch with quality exterior waterproofing, waterproof flooring and brick waterproofing contractors can be!

Look no further than our comprehensive database for excellent residential waterproofing and mold removal services.

Find qualified exterior and interior home painters

Is your house in need of a paintjob? Whether it is the roof, inside or outside, there is no better time to get the job done than right now. You'd be surprised what a big difference a good coat of paint can make to the appearance - and value - of your home!

Having said that, it is important to hire the services of reputable home painting contractors. This way you will have peace of mind in knowing that you'll be receiving a quality house painting service without paying the world.

We thus urge you to take advantage of the celebrated services of Assist 247 to find the ideal residential painters for you. Look out for the special Assist 247 Seal of Approval - we only grant it to companies who have a good reputation in the industry and whose rates are in line with their competitors.

With Assist 247, you always know that you're getting the service you deserve at a price you can afford.

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