Handyman services to spruce up your home!

Handyman services

Are you tired of those old tiles in the bathroom? Has the time come for new kitchen cupboards or to revamp the guest bedroom? Handyman services could be just the thing for you.

As the name implies, a "handyman" is someone who can do just about anything – from repairs and the fitment of home accessories to building something from scratch! Handyman services include fitting curtain rails and bathroom accessories, painting, building, carpentry, tiling and much more.

Other than sparing you the sweat and blisters of attempting to "do it yourself", the best thing about hiring the services of an experienced handyman is that the cabinet, towel rail or whatever it may be will be uniquely customised for your home. Not only will it fit perfectly, but you will get to choose the materials and colours you prefer!

Are you convinced? Do you already have a list of things that need doing around your home? Well then all that remains is for you to get in touch with a reliable – and talented – handyman in your area.

The good news is that this will be much easier than you may think. In fact, there is a way of hiring superior handyman services without even having to open the telephone directory! Simply visit the Assist247 website for a convenient, fast and cost-effective way to get precisely what you want.

It is convenient, because you can do everything from the comfort of your own home. Using your PC, you can obtain all the information you need – from services offered to rates and contact details – about handyman service providers in your area. Our website is designed to give you the information you need in as little time, and with as little fuss, as possible.

It is fast, because you don’t have to waste your time rifling through the Yellow Pages and phoning around – or worse, driving all over town, in search of good handyman services. Assist 247 brings the information to you at a few clicks of your mouse in a matter of seconds.

It is affordable, because when you spot the Assist247 ACE Ratings on a service provider’s page, you can be assured that they will provide quality service at a rate that compares favourably with the industry standard. Reputation, quality and affordability are some of the criteria we consider when deciding whether or not to grant the accreditation to service providers.

Simply look out for the Assist247 ACE Ratings. We only grant this special accreditation to providers who have proved themselves in terms of quality and affordability, and also guarantee and insure their services.

What are you waiting for? Peruse our listing of accredited South African handyman – and many other – service providers today and you’ll be amazed at just how convenient, fast and affordable our service really is!

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