3G iPhone: more than a status symbol

The new Apple 3G iPhone
Image courtesty of Challenge Online

The new Apple 3G iPhone was released with great fanfare in many parts of the world in July 2008, but many countries, South Africa included, had to wait patiently for their turn to come. It’s expected in late August, but will most likely only make a broad public appearance in September. Surprisingly, Vodacom, and not the various Apple stores throughout the country, will be responsible for its eventual release.

It’s thought that the iPhone will initially only be available on a talk 500 package with a data bundle, and that a contract will cost around R900 per month. No figures are currently available for prepaid subscribers, but the figures will probably be astronomical. The actual cost of the phone is expected to be around R4000.

Your money will buy you a range of features, including some that have never been seen on a smartphone outside of Japan before. There will be the ubiquitous telephony and email services, as well as iTunes, GPS, Camera, App Store (for downloading a range of cool and useful applications), and of course, internet access via Safari.

What you won’t get, and what many iPhone users are fuming over, are: mms messaging, video recording, a memory card slot, sms forwarding, an option to disable predictive text, and the most cardinal sin of them all, no cut and paste feature.

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