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Read more about Assist247 Business Listings Search Assist247 is the only Online Business Directory where you can search for (and find) South African Car and Home Service Providers that have been Approved and Accredited by various local groups and organisations.

During the past 13 years Assist247 has become a leading authority and trusted source amongst corporate and private users alike, providing valuable and reliable information that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Our website is easy to navigate and still the only directory to perform widely recognised accreditations of certain categories of Service Providers. To further improve our service to website users we now also offer a no-cost Service and Workmanship Guarantee for all work performed by our ACE Rated Service Providers - another first for South Africa (Ts&Cs apply). Team Website - Advanced Car, Home and Business Search


Assist247 can find you the best service provider

The Keyword Search at the top of the page works the easiest as follows:

In the SERVICE box start with only the first 3 letters of the service you require, then add further letters to refine your search. Once the required service is visible in the drop box below, click on the service and it will move to the SERVICE box. Then simply move to the TOWN or CITY box and start with the first 3 letters of the town or city area you need the service, and click on the area once you see it in the drop box below. Now click on GO and you will be directed to the required web page with the list of Providers who service your area.

Please Note: If you are only interested in Accredited Providers, then look out for the stars next to the Service Providers names on the list of Providers in your selected area.



Assist247 contact  numbers Are you out of reach of an internet facility?

If so why not try the Assist247 Mobile Service,, or call us on our National Help Line:

021 300 0401/2

Or contact us via email


Register your business on Assist247's Business Listings Directory Here are some of the major benefits of marketing
your business on Assist247:
  1. Firstly we help you to create a highly visible Web presence for your business, adding multiple links to enable potential customers to easily find your services and products.
  2. Then we link your business to all the areas you service, as well as all the companies, groups and associations that have approved or accredited your products and services.
  3. Even more benefits include free participation in our mobile website ( and the Assist247 Mobile App.
  1. If you see the benefit of having your business found by GPS and iPhone Users you may also opt-in to participate and feature on our strategic partner TomTom's website and maps for Southern Africa.
  2. All registered Service Providers may participate in the free new Whizzoh Mobile App, however you need your Assist247 ID and Password to register (contact us for more info).
  3. Once your listing is active and you login to Assist247, you will have access to detailed records of all visits to your listing, that are easy to monitor and will help you to evaluate consumer demand.
  4. You have the opportunity to subscribe to our widely respected Assist247 Accreditation (ACE Rating) process, and have the results linked to your services (certain categories).
  5. For the benefit of our Accredited Service Providers, Assist247 will provide a conditional Assist247 Service and Workmanship Guarantee to all ACE Rated services to provide peace of mind to our website Users (Ts&Cs apply).

Please feel free to contact us should you require any more information regarding any of the above, and when you complete the online application form please be sure to mention clearly if you have been approved or accredited by any independent groups or organisations, or are members of any associations, and if so to include the names and contact numbers of representatives that can confirm the approval. These approvals must also include BEE status and PSIRA registration (where applicable), and you can fax/email us copies of the certificates or include the relevant registration numbers in your application.



Our ACE rated (accredited) Service Providers all carry a good service and workmanship guarantee provided and backed by Assist247, which gives you additional protection against faulty workmanship over and above the normal recourse you have in terms of the Service Providers' own warranties and the South African Consumer Protection Act. The Service and Workmanship Guarantee is limited to an amount of R10 000, however you must follow the correct procedure to ensure the Guarantee has been registered with us and is valid.

Please Note: This guarantee applies only to our ACE rated service providers, and the work has been registered with us in advance. Read more...


A free service provided to Assist247 users

Find a car part If you are looking for a specific part for your car, Find-A-Part is your best chance of acquiring it, thanks to our extensive network of Car Spares Suppliers and South African business listings.


What are ACE Ratings and how to do they benefit you as an Assist247 user or as a business?

Please view our Ace Ratings Presentation

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Car Mechanical Repairs - Workshops Major & Minor Servicing 7410 visits
Car Mechanical Repairs - Diagnostic Reports Auto 6110 visits
Car Mechanical Repairs - Spare Parts & Accessories Auto 5561 visits
Car Mechanical Repairs - Engine Management Systems 5179 visits
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Roadside Assistance - Roadside Assistance Cars/LDVs/Bakkies 3115 visits
Roadside Assistance - Towing Service Long Distance 2740 visits
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