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Assist247 provides listings of auto car dealers operating online so you can find your dream car without leaving the house.

Buying a car in South Africa

When considering a car purchase, there are many questions you have to ask yourself; these include whether to opt for a new or second-hand car and whether to go to a car dealer or opt for a private sale. Throughout the car purchasing process, you also have to deal with a plethora of paperwork, including financing and car registrations and the only way to ensure that you get through the car-buying bureaucracy smoothly is to know the facts beforehand.

New auto car dealers

Buying a new car is probably the easiest route to go if you want to cut down on administration. Banks are more likely to give out loans for new cars and your dealer will undertake all the paperwork for you, which will save you hours of queuing in the traffic department and at the bank. It is also unnecessary to take a new car for a roadworthy inspection or handle a change of ownership.

However, the minute you drive a new car out of the dealership, the price starts depreciating and it is unlikely you will re-sell it for nearly the same price you paid. Ensure that you have a long-term warranty for your new car and beware of hidden costs. Some car deals will look fantastic on paper but will cost you far more in real terms. For example, some monthly car offers ask for a last installment of 30% of the car’s value. Make sure you know exactly what you’ll be paying before you sign the contract and this includes the cost of insurance, which will account for a quarter of your monthly payments and are a must for a new car, especially if you are on car finance.

Used car dealers

If you’re looking for a good deal, a used car is the way to go but here you really have to know a little about car mechanics or know someone who does. Used cars invariably give some problems but fortunately reputable auto dealers also offer a warranty which is dependent on the car’s age. There is also more room to negotiate better prices at dealerships and you can ask them to fix any pre-existing mechanical issues before you take the car home. Financing and car registrations and licenses for new owners is usually organised by the dealership on your behalf but you may want to find out beforehand whether a particular dealership offers these services.

Private sales

Private Sales have the most risks attached to them and so you should thoroughly inspect a private-sale car for any mechanical damage. Before you can take ownership of the car, it must pass an AA roadworthy check (which costs R200) and this need to be submitted, along with other important documents, to the Department of Licensing and Registration.

Documents needed for legal change of ownership:

  • Change of Ownership / Sale of motor vehicle form
  • Roadworthy Certificate
  • Original Car Registration Forms
  • Bank Release Certificate
  • Current Car License Disc
  • Driver’s License
  • Traffic Register Number
  • Proof of Address in South Africa
  • Assist247’s accredited listings cover all regions to help you find your local dealer for new and second-hand cars and, ultimately, find the perfect car for you, online. If you are an auto car dealer, contact Assist247 to reach the South African public by becoming present online.


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